Just4keepers have put together who we think are the top 5 goalkeepers on the world.

Too many goalkeepers get in the top 10 goalkeepers because they are in a great team, rather them actually being a great goalkeeper. So the J4K choice is determined by the ability of the keeper, rather than the soccer club they play for.

Just4keepers is the leading and largest goalkeeper schools in the world, and their founder Ray Newland is the ony gk coach in history to take a gk coaching concept across 4 continents and 16 countries at the time of writing. Ray has had his input on the below choice.

So here is J4K’s best goalkeeper in the world.


 Edwin Van Der SaarEdwin Van Der Saar is our No 1 because he uses his vast experience to be one of the most consistent goalkeepers of the past decade. Brad Friedel:You might be supised to see Brad as our No2: But we have so much respect for what Bard has done over his career. Alot like Edwin he has been constantly consistent over the past 10 years. Joe HartJoe Hart is our No 3 choice: Even though still very young, we love the confidence Joe has in his own excellent ability.With some amazing goalkeeping displays already, we expect Joe to probably be our No 1 next year. Pepe ReinaPepe Reina is in our top 5, not only because of his natural ability but for his fanstastic distibution. He has to be one of the best in the world for his kicking which is a vital part of being a success as a goalkeeper in this era.Pepe is also a role model to any goalkeeper who is not 6ft plus in height that you can make the grade as a professional. 

Iker Casillas Like Pepe Reina, Casillas is a great example to any goalkeeper under 6ft that you can become a icon in the goalkeeping world.





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